Last Week Tonight With John Oliver The Best Show Of All Time

The American late-night talk show hosted by Comedian John Oliver, a satirical critical thinking talk in the form of comedy and entertainment. Covers the weekly news in politics and current events.

Matthew Jacobs of The Huffington Post named Oliver’s program as 2014’s best television show more over James Poniewozik of Time, The Entertainment Weekly, also appreciated the show.

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What’s The Special In This Show?

The only starring in this show is John Oliver himself. He’s intelligent and sarcastic, and somehow manages to make topics that are completely horrific, keeps shedding a humorous light on international affairs. The intellectually insane level of outstanding energy John Oliver serves the viewer can almost be felt! He cuts through the irrelevant stuff and stirs on real news. I think the John Oliver’s this show is the only reason to stay subscribed to HBO DirecTV Deals after the GOT!

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Ratings By Rotten Tomatoes

The Last week tonight with John Oliver is winning 100% ratings. According to the viewers in its first season of 2014 while the fifth season in the year of 2018. Has also 100 ratings but no viewers’ consensus yet. But 94% of viewers want to watch the consistently fresh and incredibly informative weekly show. He deconstructs last week’s political happenings in his own style. With British accent covering every topic and intelligently shreds into pieces. You can watch Oliver’s hilarious analogies, to the point critique with tight fluid writing, on HBO DirecTV Bundle.

The Will Continue Till 2020

The show initially started in 2014 As per Oliver’s statement; he has “full creative freedom including free restraint to criticize corporations”. His initial contract with HBO DirecTV Internet Deals was for two years with an option for extension. In September 2017, HBO DirecTV Bundles announced that the show had been renewed for three additional seasons of 30 episodes each, keeping the show on the air through 2020