Choosing Your Best TV Provider In 2019 With Charter Spectrum

Cable TV Internet

Today’s cord cutting era and outspread of streaming services make the charter cable and traditional TV look Irrelevant. The impression goes that nobody wants to bundle for a bunch of channels they never watch and why to get stuck into long contracts. However, here we have evaluated some of the better pay-TV providers who are providers of Cable TV Internet in many areas because of there still good packages of cable and satellite providers which can save you a lot of money with great ease of TV viewing experience.

Best Deals On Internet

Consider Comcast Xfinity For Lots Of Channel Packages

The fabulous thing about Comcast is that you can avail its most channel packages from 10 channels to 260 suitable to your requirements. You can easily choose from its TV bundles without signing up for the internet. Xfinity’s most suitable plan is its starter plan which contains 40% of popular channels like Hallmark and ESPN. Though with broad availability, Comcast has a bad reputation for customer service.

Charter Spectrum Packages

Charter Spectrum No-Contracts

Charter Spectrum offers Charter Bundle Deals at a fair price; you can get Internet and Phone with TV with free installation.  Normally installation cost $35 (Wi-Fi $10 and DVR $13 per month). You can save $200 per year with Charter Bundle Deals. With better customer service Spectrum never binds you into useless long contracts with most free HD channel lineup. Charter Spectrum also offers TV the only plan of 125+ channels called TV Select. Which includes almost every popular and major network.

Cable TV Internet Providers

Cox TV

If you prefer DIY installation then choose Cox you will also be pretty satisfied. With their customer care. And they have a lot of satisfied customers throughout the coverage area. You can get Couture TV Plan which includes 144+ channels. But can’t get Premium networks, but you can avail add-on facility. And easily add your favorite networks at $10 per month.

Internet Providers

Fiber TV With Frontier

The only problem is availability if have this provider in your area. You can choose it for astronomical speed internet and Ultra HD TV service. Frontier often gives tempting promotional offers as a free install. Amazon prime for a year, and free router you. Can save a huge amount of money because Fiber Optic service is expensive.

For many traditional TV and Cable service means a lot in their lives, and it is not just that you can also save money on your TV service by choosing right Cable TV Internet Providers and picking a suitable package.

AT&T Internet + DirecTV Internet Top Internet Providers Of 2019

DirecTV Internet

There are 2574 big and small internet providers, working in the United States. Preferences always are different when it comes to the internet options on the customer end. There are some providers which are not available in the entire country. While some of the internet providers include many states into their coverage area. The best possible trick is to pick the larger provider on the first hand if it is available to you in your vicinity. Otherwise, you can also save a lot of money by choosing your own local Internet Providers as well.

When it comes to the larger providers, we have picked the top and great providers of the nation with a good reputation to evaluate here.

Internet Providers

AT&T Internet + DirecTV Internet And U-Verse TV

As we know that AT&T is the parent company of the nations larger and most favorite TV provider, so their combination makes the deal a perfect fit for many of the consumers. AT&T also offers DSL and Fiber Optic Cable TV Internet deals with DirecTV Bundles or their AT&T TV and Phone combination with better customer service.

The AT&T internet Speed varies according to the region, you can choose 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 300, and 1000 Mbps of internet package. We recommend you 300 Mbps Plan at $70 to for your internet alone or DirecTV Internet. Though AT&T charges activation frees, but here going with this plan, or choosing an internet plan from 100 Mbps, you don’t need to pay any activation fee. You can also choose U-Family TV + AT&T internet and phone at $94.99 per month. There is no any doubt in DirecTV’s channel line and best packages but, AT&T’s internet is also consistent in speed with high Data Caps and no data caps at all for 1000 Mbps. AT&T has hidden charges and sudden price hike during the next year of the contract.

Verizon Fios

Verizon Fiber is known for its best awarded strong customer service and only Fiber internet service. It has very simple 3 plans much better than many others. Usually, 100/100 comes for better browsing, 300/300 for good streaming and 980/880 for everything with 100% accurate speed. With all of the good perks, it has hidden fees of auto pay activation. The taxes and other charges that they never mention with the plan.

Fios TV comes with its gigabit plan aka 980/880 the plans are as Custom TV comes with 155+ channels. Proffered TV 280+ and Extreme TV with 355+ channels and whichever plan you choose will get a $100 visa card prepaid card. A two years price guarantee and an unlimited digital phone, and 140,000. On-demand titles with Google and Nest smart home devices of worth $200.

Comcast Xfinity

Xfinity has lots of plans to choose from, for a simple user to a business connection, you can get plenty of options. You can get plans of worth $29 to $229.99 depending on what you want to. But you will get a high data plan, for all plans till 1 TB Data and can access to unlimited data caps with gigabit pro. Just like AT&T, its speed depends on the area so; better check it through your zip code. Xfinity offers shaky customer support with price hikes as well. You will also need to pay activation fees but they are also negotiable.

Satellite TV Internet Deals


Hughes Net Satellite Internet Providers

We have discussed fiber cable and DSL providers, so here we have a satellite provider for the rural area customers. You can also get Satellite TV Internet Deals in rural areas from DirecTV and from HughesNet bundled offers. Many satellite users like HughesNet after 2017’s major changes though still can’t compete with cable or DSL network. But works in high needs for rural and remote area customers. Gives 25 Mbps speed better for SD quality videos for all plans. With an extra 50 GB data from 2 am to 8 am. With no price hikes, no additional fees, no activation fees and no-3 months price increase at all. You can also choose business plans 35 to 250 GB.

Best Option Internet Service With DirecTV Bundles

Cable TV Internet

For TV options the DirecTV Bundles is an unbeatable service. The nationwide availability, more variety in the packages, great HD channel line and standard equipment makes it unique from many others. But, the internet bundled with TV varies in many ways. First off the DirecTV offers internet from the third party internet providers. So, the speed, Data, and the bundled internet price depend on the availability of the option that you choose to bundle with DirecTV Internet Deals.

DirecTV Bundles

Verizon Best Fiber Option To DirecTV Bundles

The Verizon Fios is the best option for bundling the internet service with DirecTV, fast symmetrical download and upload speed, but not available everywhere. Again here speed varies from area to area. No matter what speed you get in the Verizon Fios it is an amazingly reliable option for large families and heavy streamers. You can also check AT&T fiber internet packages with DirecTV.

Cable TV Internet Providers

Best Cable Option Xfinity Internet With DTV

Xfinity cable internet is a widely accessible option in the United States, with up to 2 Gbps. the Xfinity offers its own TV, Home phone, and internet options but you can get only internet service with DirecTV on your affordability and preference from the Xfinity internet packages.  Check the Cox and Optimum for more options if you don’t like Xfinity cable.

Best Value Frontier Internet Bundles With DTV

Frontier is another choicest option for fiber deals. It is not a big Internet Providers but, still, a considerable option, if available in your area. The frontier internet does not require contracts so this can be a huge attracting option for many customers. Frontier offers fast speed fiber internet for heavy streaming gaming and high data users. You can also search for the CenturyLink Internet availability in your area for better internet deals.

Cable TV And Internet Deals

Overall Unmatchable AT&T Internet Bunding With DTV

We all know that AT&T owns DirecTV so, internet service with Internet DirecTV from AT&T makes it greater combination because you can avail Fiber internet as well. By bundling TV phone and internet you can save $10 per month. You can get AT&T wireless in your plan to enjoy more with one bill and all service in one place. Plus NFL Sunday Ticket with speed internet and data. If you want more options for fiber check the Xfinity Frontier and Verizon availability in your area to bundle with.

Satellite TV Internet Deals

Unmatchable Rural Options Viasat With DTV

The satellite internet is more viable for remote customers because other internet sources are nor easy to access. The satellite internet goes well with the Satellite TV Internet Deals option. Though, it is not a better option but, still a saving grace for those customers who can’t access to DSL, Cable, or Fiber option. The satellite internet has improved than previous times because Viasat has launched a new satellite previous year to improve. You can also check Hughes Net for satellite options.

Top Internet Providers In The US With DirecTV And Charter Spectrum


DirecTV Internet Deals

Americans have got many options for TV and Internet access in their homes or workplaces. Every provider is unique in their own way and, that is the diversity too. For any choice able option the customer care, packages and availability are the matters of due importance. Here comes a little brief on the Top TV providers of the country who are almost available everywhere. And the majority of the customers find their packages useful and in accordance with their wants and needs.

DirecTV For The Best Sports Packages

The best thing about DirecTV is that it is a Satellite TV provider, means, you can get access in every area, no issue in availability. Another greatest advantage of getting DirecTV is that you can access a full fledge Sports packages and NFL Sunday Ticket by picking its most accurate packages. Bundling is also available for the Internet with TV service you can get Satellite TV Internet Deals whenever you want. It comes with Standard HD Genie DVR with ON Demand content options and Remote access to your TV from anywhere in your home with DirecTV App. When it comes to the customer service, the DirecTV dominates all the survey slots, and it’s an award-winning service as well.

Satellite TV Internet Deals

Dish The Other Best Satellite TV Providers

The Dish offers best packages and a great channel line in its packages with great stand-out DVR capabilities than DirecTV Internet Deals. When it comes to channels and packages it stands second than the DirecTV packages. Though it is still and best satellite TV provider throughout the nation with a good customer support reputation and Equipment quality.

Spectrum Packages

AT&T U-Verse

AT&T is the most available Fiber TV option. You can get access almost in 21 states, with a broad range of packages starting from 20 channels and the list goes up to 550 channels. With every amazing quality, AT&T offers its customer to build their own bundle packages the way they want. You can also save your bucks around $30 by choosing the AT&T’s Internet bundling options with TV. The magnificent provider is not exactly in everyone’s reach plus unlike the DirecTV Deals, it does not offer a comprehensive channels range with limited sports.

Cable TV Internet

Verizon Fios TV

The only drawback to the Verizon Fios is that its limited availability. Otherwise, it has ranked the number one TV service and also the number one Internet provider for residential customers. The most reliable TV and internet provider also provides a marvelous option to its customers by allowing them. To craft their own package the way they want, even three different DVR options according to your package.

Best Deals On Internet

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity offers Cable TV Internet service; you can save by bundling at $40 per month for its TV with the internet.  You can get 100 to 200+ channel range in TV only packages. Comcast gives TV only TV plans on economical prices. Though it does succeed in competing with Dish and DirecTV packages for the all exclusive sports channel line. You can get a sports pack by paying an additional $5 to $10. Similarly get premium channels like Starz and HBO at a $10 per month. The Comcast Xfinity has a poor customer service but comes with a strong DVR.

Charter Bundle

Charter Spectrum

Spectrum TV Packages start at 125+ and offers 60, 100, or 200 Mbps Internet for heavy users to bundle its services. Spectrum TV Packages are truly contract-free and offer the best introductory or promotional pricing. If your service ends within 30 days period you would definitely get your money back.  The bundling offer, charter Triple Ply Bundle is great especially. When you are quitting your previous provider. Charter buyout for $500 your contract for the Triple Play Bundle. And you will get Free installation, Wi-Fi setup, and DVR service. With great value offerings, the Charter Bundle spectrum is not enough good in better customer service and does not rank good.

Get The Most Of Your Cable TV Internet Deals In 2019

Cable TV Internet

The TV and the Internet is the basic need of the daily life these days. But it is also true that to most of the consumers the cable TV internet providers seem very expensive. Maybe that’s because of the availability; we have seen that Cable TV Internet prices may vary according to area and availability. Here we are going to talk about the most accurate cable internet and TV deals that will save your money by delivering back most of your deal’s worth.

DirecTV Deals

The Best TV Deals With DirecTV EXTRA With Sports Pack

For the best TV Internet Deals, the DIRECTV EXTRA package is a marvelous deal for the sports fans with 235 channels at $55 per month, for the first year of the contract, you can best of your value with spending $13.99 for the Sports Pack every month. So after combining the sports pack deals, you can get 270 channels in $68.99.

Though the DIRECTV is a Satellite TV Internet Deals service, in some areas you can rely on the cable providers for the internet.  Bundling your Internet with the DirecTV Deals allows you to save more than getting your internet from cable Internet. For internet you can get Blazing fast speed internet with your existing TV bundle from the AT&T although AT&T serves consumers with its own TV service but being a parent company of the DTV,  in some areas, it also offers Fiber Internet service. Check the Fiber internet availability in your area because nothing is better for you than the Fiber internet.

Satellite TV Internet Deals

Xfinity Double Play Bundle For Cable TV And The Internet (The Most Effective Bundling)

Xfinity is widely available in the country. You can Bundle your TV on the internet with this Cable TV Internet Providers, and easily enjoy the savings. It is also a reliable service with optional contracts. Bundling your TV and internet from the Xfinity increases your chances to have a nice discount. The best TV Internet Deal is Xfinity’s Double play bundle in $114.99, with 220+ channels and the internet for 150 Mbps speed per month. The Xfinity is purely a cable service provider so; the risk of bad services is less and makes it more reliable than the DirecTV Internet Deals.

Choose The Suitable Best Deals On Internet


Cable TV On Internet

There are many options for you to get the Cable TV Internet packages best suitable for your needs.  One thing is clear that among all the largest providers of the nation you won’t get the same speed and prices as your friend might be getting living in any other area. So, here availability also matters, most of the areas lack the availability of every Cable TV Internet Providers.  Here we selected the four major providers of Cable Internet On Deals on best deals, out of which you might get two of the providers, possibly near your location or in your area.

Cable TV

Better check the availability first through your zip code and keep in mind that the advertised prices always vary from area to area as the vast accessibility.

Cable Internet Deals


You can access the fast speed cable internet easily in your area through this provider because Xfinity is the first larger cable provider in the United States, also the provider of millions of Wi-Fi hotspots.  But, the Xfinity Internet plans vary from region to region throughout the country. If you want the fastest and blazing internet, then, Xfinity is a first class choice. Its plans start at a 15 Mbps speed from $29.99 and reach up to 1000 Mbps Download Speed at $70. Xfinity is best for online multiplayer gaming and to live streaming 4K movies and the Netflix.

Internet Deals


Though it is a limited option when it comes to availability. You won’t find it in many states as the Xfinity covers a larger area. But you can have a similar speed at a relatively lower price from the Xfinity if you can avail it in your area. It is the best option for 4K movie streamer, HD online game players, and the media specialists. Optimum offers a Download speed from 200 Mbps to 400 Mbps from $44.99 to $64.99 per month.

Internet Deals



Cox is also the second larger provider for the Best Deals On Internet, the best fitting option for those who want to have the deals in the form bundling their phone TV with the internet. Also meets the large family’s needs for a high-speed plan.  You can also bundle your security plan in your internet bundle. It offers an initial speed of 10 Mbps in $29.99  and a high download speed of 1000 Mbps $119.99 the Cox Gigablast plan. They have a variety of plans even for small families who don’t want a high-speed package.


Charter Bundle

Spectrum Packages

Charter Bundle Spectrum offers very simple packages and plans. You can bundle the spectrum TV internet and Phone service in a sing Spectrum package. They offer a download speed of 200 Mbps at $44.99. There are no Data Caps whatever the plan you may choose. Plus you can get most HD channels free of cost. The Spectrum Packages are best for the small families with not more than 5 devices running at the same.

Still Considerable Options For Satellite TV Internet Deals

Cable TV Internet

We depend and consider on many options for Internet and TV Service, and satellite is one of them. But one thing is clear that you won’t prefer the satellite for the Internet options when you are living in an urban area or where you can easily access the cable of fiber provided. So, only the rural or remote customers will likely prefer to depend on the satellite internet services. But for the TV the case is different, even if the customers living in the big cities they love satellite TV and it bundling options with Satellite TV Internet Deals.

The best thing about the satellite internet is that it is accessible nationwide without any hassle. There are only two satellite providers available throughout the nation namely the Viasat and the HughesNet.

DirecTV Internet Deals

Why Only Two Satellite Internet Providers?

There used to be more companies to deliver satellite internet, but some of them have been merged with the biggest providers or has discontinued. So, this is how we have only two providers are delivering the services nationwide. The Exede has changed its name to Viasat and also has bought WildBlue Satellite Internet in 2009. So, here we have a better option in the form Viasat for the internet. There is another plus point which makes it better than HughesNet that, it has a broad range of packages for every sort of customers.

Viasat And HughesNet Packages

Viasat’s Ultimate 12 category in Bronze in $50/mo, Silver$65/mo, and Gold $95/mo packages offer 12 Mbps Download Speed. While Ultimate 25 Bronze $50 and silver $ 70, offer 25 Mbps Speed tiers. If you want more download Speeds than you can choose Ultimate Gold in $100 for 30 Mbps, Ultimate Gold $100 for 50 Mbps and for $150 Ultimate Platinum for 100 Mbps. Viasat Gives Unlimited Data Plans.

HughesNet is bit pricy, but they never change the prices throughout the contract, unlike Viasat. You only pay for the data with HughesNet with different price tags at the same speed, like 10 GB is $59.99, 20 GB $69.99, 50 $129.99, and $99.99 each every month.

Remember that both providers require a 2-year contract and charge early termination fees. The Viasat is better than HughesNet but with a bit complicated plans, but again with better data offerings than its competitor. Both offer Bundling options for TV and phone with the internet.

Internet Providers

Best Satellite TV Providers

As long as your southern sky is clear, your proprietor allows. Or you are not living in the condo you can have a satellite TV at your home anywhere. There are two major Players in the Satellite TV industry DirecTV and Dish Network. Though, DirecTV Partners with AT&T for the DirecTV Bundles, for internet while Dish network relies on other internet providers such as Xfinity and Cox etc. Both can be bundled with above-mentioned satellite internet providers too.

DirecTV Internet

The DirecTV Internet Deals

The DirecTV Internet Deals is famous because of sports and has a variety of packages to choose. The significant entertainment is the NFL Sunday Ticket and entrance to all the major sports and movies networks. Its positive aspects are Most HD channels, NFL Sunday Ticket, and HD DVR which allows you more HD program recording. The Bad part is that its prices increase after a year.

While Dish offers upfront prices, its packages are also reliable. Besides the transparent prices, its DVR Hopper 3 Smart DVR offers more capacity to record the contents than the DirecTV Deals.  The dish is a better option for those, who are not interested in sports. Both companies require a two years contract and early termination charges.

Charter Bundle Spectrum A Better Cable TV Option

Charter Bundle

There are plenty of options available on Cable TV And Internet Deals. But for every option, the availability and package range are highly important to consider. And another essential quality is the customer service. So, here we have picked the charter spectrum bundles for the best pick and choicest options for bundling the Cable TV Internet.

Charter Bundle Spectrum Cable TV Packages

The Charter Bundle spectrum offers bundling options for its packages. You have to bundle the charter internet with phone and TV. By bunding you will get free installation with fair bundled prices. And you can save $200/year, with the facility of the freest of cost HD channels.

Usually, Charter Spectrum Bundles start at $44.99 /mo and it enables you to have 125+ channels.  If you want to have only TV option then you will get this TV Select package with 125+ channels.

With Charter Spectrum Gold you are required to pay $104.99 for 200+ Channels.

The Best package is the Silver TV Which includes ShowTime, Cinemax, and HBO is $84.99/m. It is a good deal because you get basic and most demanded premium networks which most of the other providers usually include in add- on offers. As compared to others it’s the pretty lower price tag.

Spectrum Bundle Deals

Customer Service

The Charter Spectrum received 63 out of 100 ratings in ACSI and Consumer Reports. So it’s a bit coming averages among all others. Though the Charter has received three out of five power circles in the West and North Central Regional and awarded by J.D Power for the Customer Satisfaction in South.


The Spectrum may seem a bit expensive relatively than other providers, but the best part is that you can leave any time without any worry. Now, if you want to watch Games of Thrones but don’t want to get bothered from contracts. Or want to switch the new provider, then the Spectrum is there to facilitate you with No-Contract promise and will pay your previous contract’s remaining Debt.

The Best TV and Internet Service Prices and Packages

TV Internet Deals

Best TV and Internet service is the one that matches your requirement and best suits your needs. So, here we have a lot of options from which we can select our choicest option these days. Among many things, the availability and price tags are the most important features, and most attracted too. For pay TV the Satellite providers like DirecTV and Charter Spectrum are the options which you can avail everywhere nationwide. These both providers also serve through the cable in various areas.

Bundling your Internet with your TV service is worth money saving and convenient at the same time. For that, you can rely on Charter Spectrum Bundles for your cheap and unlimited data deals as per the availability of the provider in your area and variety of TV packages.

Another most affordable TV option is the DirecTV, and it is the choicest option because of a wide range of packages and deals. The DirecTV does not offer internet on its own, rather it is partnered with the AT&T for providing DirecTV Internet Deals to the subscribers. Let’s check the prices and packages of these both widely available options thoroughly.

DirecTV Internet

DirecTV Internet Deals

DirecTV Internet offers affordable prices, and which come with many of the premium features, typically found only in much pricier plans. Its full-featured plans start at the lowest price as low as $35/month. Compared to both satellite and Cable providers it offers better value than others.

Whatever the plan you purchase, you are eligible to get the Genie HD DVR and streaming service. Though the prices and discounts are available according to the area so better check the availability through your zip code.

Here is the detail of every plan with a price:

  • Select All Included $35: The second best and most affordable package from the DirecTV which includes 155+ channels in the $35/m
  • Entertainment All Included $40: get 160 Channels in this Entertainment package.
  • Choice All Included $45: Get the access to the NFL season 2019 with 185+ channels in $45/m.
  • XTRA All Included $55: The most popular choice with 235 channels is $55/m.
  • ULTIMATE All Included: Get 250+ channels in the $60 /m. a package for movie lovers.
  • PREMIER All Included: At $110 with 330+ channels is one of the most expensive options but rewards you with 200 HD channels and makes it a more complete deal in the same price.

So from a wide range variety, you can choose any package probably. The Select all included is the best family package. But if you are a sports and NFL enthusiast then go for Choice all included. When comes to the Equipment, the Genie HD DVR is never disappointing. You can store up to 200 HD hours and record five shows at the same time. And watch on-demand contents and stream from anywhere in your house.

Charter Bundle

Charter Spectrum Bundles

Here comes the Charter Spectrum Bundles with TV Internet Deals including phone service is a great choice because it offers unlimited data and a 100 Mbps download speed which enough for moderate users. And also you can get the best channel range from charter TV packages which are of three levels such as

  • Select Double Play with 125+ Channels at $89.98
  • Silver Double Play with 175+ channels in $119.97
  • Gold Double Play with 200+ channels at $ 139.97

You can get Spectrum Internet at a starting price of $44.99 /m. With 200 Mbps for only internet options With No-Contract bindings.

When Compared to DirecTV Internet paired with AT&T you will find that the spectrum is a bit expensive than AT&T internet for bundling the TV with the Internet.  The DTV Select All Included Package will cost you $75 with TB of Internet Data.  DirecTV Choice All Included in $85 with AT&T internet and DTV Select +Internet + Phone Unlimited in $94 .99 with 1000 Mbps speed is also worth considering packages. Though, whether you go for the only TV with DirecTV Bundles or DirecTV Internet with AT&T, you have to bind a two year or one year contract with both companies.

The Best Movies On Demand In DirecTV

Cable Internet Deals

Movies On Demand

Everyone needs a break from the stressful routine in their own way such as some people to prefer going out. Doing picnic stuff movies, or meeting with friends and family etc. But here we have got something to discuss for the different people, who need a break to stay at home lying on the couch and just to watch a movie or something that is of quality entertainment.

If you are a subscriber of DirecTV Bundles, then, your life is carefree because you can access as much as you want anywhere at any time. Here we have listed your leisure time pleasure movies that you can access on demand for both kids and adults.

DirecTV Bundles


Mission Impossible – Fallout

If you want to spend your time watching some more action, then. The Fallout is much more intense with some a lot of highly dangerous stunts. A better dose of action and action and more action!

Mission Impossible Fallout is the Sixth movie and a most hit spy action by the Tom Cruise. You will find everything more intense such as the Chases, the Action, and the Visceral Fighting.

DirecTV Deals


Teen Titans Go! The Movies

Yeah, the DirecTV Internet Cartoon Network Series Teen Titans as a Meta musical comedy Film. This movie with solid jokes aims at both the parents. And the kids and pokes fun at superhero movies at the same time. Simply the movie is about the cliché and standards of the superhero movies. The movie teaches kids about the formula of making superheroes.

DirecTV Deals

Crazy Rich Asians

Family, Love, Materialism, Money, Food Style, Friends Parties, Asians and a Mother!

Crazy Rich Asians are based on a Bestselling novel. The movie contains romantic comedy and makes the best romcom with an original storyline. The Heroin Rachel Chu an economics professor is in love with Nick Young who actually turns out to be a member of an insanely rich, and prestigious royal family. And there, she has to face many challenges including a controlling mother and jealous ex-girlfriend.

DirecTV Internet Deals


Game Night

Game Night is a comedy about solving a murder mystery party which goes wrong and horrible. Max and Annie on the traditional game night carrying their life. But this traditional game party get awry for both of them and their friends. Apart from that, in the lives of the characters like Max and Brooks sibling rivalry. And the issues (relationship) of Kevin and Michelle, are yet to be solved.

DirecTV Internet


Isle Of Dogs

The Isle of Dog is Stop- motion movie capturing the story of Dogs. Who works as a team to achieve a task. This movie has a bigger vision. In the movie, the Tyrannical mayor tries to exile all of the dogs to the trash Island with his own son. Later his son crashes his plane on the land while searching his own dog. There he finds a gang of five dogs Rex, King, Duke, and Boss. This funny and a bit edgy movie is a bit difficult to understand for the kids of recommended age Available on DirecTV Internet Deals.