When it comes to providing best TV viewing experience DirecTV Bundles and Charter Bundle spectrum TV are competing with each other for many years. There are some features to compare these both TV competitors; here we have compared these two services depending on some unique features they offer. Let’s take an overview and decide who the winner is for the year of 2018.

Charter Bundle


Charter Spectrum TV VS DirecTV Packages And Price


  • DirecTV Deals offers all included price, $35 starting package with Genie DVR and more than 155 channels, while the Spectrum TV’s initial package is $44.99/m. and has to pay for equipment (DVR or HD box) and broadcast fees separately. DirecTV Bundles wins here!


  • Though the Spectrum does not require you to get bound in any contract the price does increase even without the contract after a year. Still, cost you more.

Equipment’s Cost


  • When it comes to having more than one DVR, the DirecTV Bundles gives you more convenience than spectrum TV. The DirecTV Deals costs $7 for each DVR per month, and this is the only amount which you have to pay. While the Spectrum‘s additional DVR costs you $6.99 per month for each DVR with a monthly service fee of $12.99


  • DIRECTV Bundles Genie can record five shows at once and hold 200 hours of movies and shows without an extra monthly fee. While Spectrum’s DVR records up to two shows at once and holds 21–45 hours of movies and shows. And the most important factor is you don’t know about the DVR Company, what kind of DVR you might receive after placing the order.


Overall we have considered both services equally but the DirecTV Bundles wins over the spectrum TV. Both the DirecTV Bundles and Charter Bundle Spectrum TV have some common features. Which are easily comparable such as mobile app rewind? And restart functionality, both are not that much different in service providing the DirecTV Internet Deals is a Satellite service and the Spectrum’s service provided through the cable.