Satellite TV Internet Deals

There a lot of things to be happy about and having sound and affordable DirecTV service with best DVR is also one of the relaxing things in life. So, the prime time entertainment is brutally impressive with the DirecTV service. Let’s highlight some amazing features of DirecTV Bundles here!

The Best Packages

Being the largest Satellite provider in the country, the DirecTV is easily accessible in 50 states. It offers best for every type of TV watcher, get comprehensive channel packages along with every sports network and complete fun packages.

Overall for the sports enthusiasts, nothing is better than the DirecTV Internet packages where they can get access to local basketball, international football matches, every NFL network, and a live update. By signing up with the DirecTV Deals, you get access to NFL Sunday ticket and 50 sports channels as well.

DirecTV Internet Deals

The All Included DVR

The standard Genie HD DVR offers a lot for up to four TVs and more such as;

  • You can record 5 shows and restart live shows at once.
  • Easily store 200 HD programming.
  • Control your DirecTV app through your phone remotely.
  • View 8 sports broadcast on one HD channel.
  • By splitting the screen at the same time watch two different shows side by side.

The Package Options

The DirecTV premier package which costs $125 and delivers perfectly. Almost all premiums and each sports network, that’s approximately 330+ channels that you can avail. This package is perfect for everyone because it includes, all as compared to other small plans. Which only include premium channels for only three month promotion period such as Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax, etc. Later you have to pay for the access of these premier networks.

You can also get a sports pack for $14 with a premier package to watch all. The other sports and unlock 30 regional sports networks such as ESPN Buzzer Beater. MLB Strike Zone, Specialty sports and much more.

But DirecTV has a huge choice selection of packages for every type of light to the heavy user you can get TV service at $50 for 155+ channels.

DirecTV Bundles

DirecTV Bundles With AT&T Internet

Since the DirecTV is available throughout the country and easily offers its TV service everywhere, but to pair your internet service with TV you have to go with the AT&T in many areas. Here you have to consider the prices, that go up and you have to pay extra like, for 50 Mbps internet. Be ready to pay $30 per month. And even you want a landline phone service with the bundle you must pay $10 to $20 every month. Since the AT&T isn’t covering the whole nation so sometimes they can pair you with their other partners for Internet providers such as Mediacom and century link Hughes net etc.

A Totally Free Installation But Professional

Since it’s a Satellite TV Internet Deals so when you get the DirecTV you have to attach a satellite dish outside your home. The installation requires a highly professional and trained person to install it. That’s why you can’t do it on your own but no worry for more expenses because the installation is completely free.

DirecTV Internet

The NFL Sunday Ticket

It’s the only DirecTV Internet Deals that enable you to cover a comprehensive sports range, every out of market game, football, Fantasy zone and an exclusively dedicated channel to it. The cost of NFL Sunday Ticket is $282 for the season.

Overall, when we look at the deals and packages of the DirecTV. With a winning Customer service for continuously 17 years and expect a better customer service as compared to other Providers. So it dominates J.D Power and awarded by the 2017 J.D. Power U.S. Residential Television Service Provider Satisfaction Study. The DirecTV also earned better points from Consumer Report and from the ACSI as well.