DirecTV Internet Packages

DirecTV and Time Warner Cable TV Internet now Spectrum, both is the Larger TV providers of the country. When we compare obviously DirecTV beats the spectrum easily when it’s about the availability and the powerful HD DVR.

DirecTV Internet Deals

Better Equipment And Features

  • DirecTV Genie HD DVR

When we talk about the quality, the Genie is the best bang for bucks. It records five shows at once and lets you do more for 200 hours of shows and movies at no extra cost. So you need to don’t pay any extra bill at the end of the month.

While the Charter Spectrum Bundles does not allow you to choose your own equipment, you either get Cisco or Motorola DVR. Either of which allows you to record up to 2 shows at once gives you only 21 to 45 hours of shows and movies. The service costs $12.99 for DVR and $6.99 monthly for equipment.

Spectrum TV Packages

  • Spectrum/ DirecTV Features

Both providers have their mobile apps and 10,000 on Demand TV shows and movies.  And both Provide rewind and restart features.

DirecTV Internet

DirecTV Spectrum Packages And Prices

The DirecTV’s packages start at $35.99/ m, and this starting price of this small package includes the DVR as well with 155 channels. One thing to note about the DirecTV Internet Packages is that they increase the prices after the first year’s tenure and requires a two year contract with early termination fees. For the Internet DirecTV, you need to contract with other companies. Whereas compared to DirecTV, you can get your internet with TV from the same company, with Charter Bundle.

With Charter spectrum, you are not required to bind into any contract. You are only in benefits with larger packages. Spectrum TV Packages Gold offers you 200+ channels with DVR costs $124.97/m. We can compare this package with a premier package which starts at $110/ m for 330+ channels. With DVR but it costs $181/m, and you have to stay in contract by the way.

So, overall DirecTV’s lower tier packages are best. But spectrum shines for higher tier packages with no contract and price hikes.