DirecTV Bundles is the most favorite source for sports enthusiasts, and not to be a DirecTV subscriber at the same time. Besides you can quickly approach the NFL Sunday ticket, it has a diverse national and local sports channel range for its diehard fans to serve them a special platter of the sports.

Along with watching your favorite sports a good analysis and commentary add more enthusiasm. Here we have two different sports shows from the DirecTV Deals, which quench the thirst of the fans daily and weekly.

DirecTV Bundles


The Dan Patrick Show


The Dan Patrick sports-talk radio show also features the discussion of top news. Stories and interviews with famous stars from the worlds of sports and entertainment. The Dan Patrick Show is currently running on three networks on DirecTV’s Audience Network (formerly the 101 Network), at three AT&T SportsNet affiliates, and on NBCSN.

Many viewers find his show educational and entertaining. The Dan and Danettes is an amazing stop for guests as varied from professional surfers to National Football League (NFL) megastars, league commissioners to Hollywood comedians. The majority of the guests are from the sports whether currently or formerly. Majority of them are former athletes, coaches, commissioners or agents.

DirecTV Bundles


The Rich Eisen Show

The Rich Eisen Show is hosted by himself the Rich Eisen. Who delivers the sports analysis in a pop culture style. He invites other famous guests to his show. The guests are also the greatest names of the sports and entertainment. The Rich Eisen is also an NFL network Host. The Eisen rich is an American TV Journalist worked for CBS Sports and NBC Sports. He also works for a TV/radio host for DirecTV, FOX Sports Radio, and Sirius Radio in his astonishing voice. The show has great content with 4.5-star ratings. To catch your favorite sports events subscribe to DirecTV Bundles on Cable Internet Deals