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DC is the birthplace and home of the most iconic heroes of all times like Batman, wonder woman, and Superman. DC comic has been enjoying presence over TV since 1953 and up till now. It has presented many amazing successful TV animated series from the book to an animated TV series. Some of the most successful animated TV series are here that are ranking best of all times always. We have relied on Tomatometer’s ratings and reviews. Now you can stream all of your favorite DC Series from every season on the platform of DirecTV Bundles.

Batman DirecTV Bundles

Batman 1992 to 1995

This series is credited, for its artistic presentation. Aesthetic and intricate theme and crime fighting. It was the best comic book’s television adaptation. Show of the all-time developed by Bruce Tim. And Eric Radomski, a production of Warner Bros. It has 97% overall ratings this show was. Renamed as the Adventures of the Batman. Robin in later years you can watch the entire series with the DirecTV Internet Deals.

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Teen Titans 2003 to 2006

The American Superhero Animated TV series created by Glen Murakami. He based the DC comic characters of the same names. Teen Titans is a serious themed animated series. And Cartoon Network has to order its Fifth season. DirecTV Internet has enabled this series for the viewers in 2019.

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iZombie 2015 to 2018

iZombie is developed by Rob Thomas. And Diane Ruggiero-Wright It’s an adaptation of the comic book series of the same name. In iZombie Olivia “Liv” Moor helps the Seattle police helps to solve the cases of murders by eating the victim’s brain. Available on DirecTV Internet Packages the overall ratings of the show. Are 96% every season almost has received positive reviews.

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Young Justice 2010

It’s an adaptation of entire DC Universe. Focusing on young Superheroes, the Animation series. Directed by Brandon Vietti and Adam Weisman.

DirecTV And Internet Deals

Preacher – 2016

Based on the comic book series Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Almost 80% to 90% reviews of every season. For the best visual adaptation. DirecTV is enabling its subscribers to watch all DC animated series and movies in 2019 if you have already subscribed you the DirecTV Bundles, go and watch your favorite DC comic series quickly.