DirecTV Packages

As the largest TV Provider, the DirecTV Bundles facilitates through the variety of channels and packages for its subscribers. You can have a package if you are a cord cutter and can increase your savings quickly. But there you have the largest packages if you are interested in more content and network variety. Here we have described the cheapest and well-served packages and the largest and all including every single networks package of DirecTV.

The Entertainment Packages

It’s the second package of the DirecTV Package line, and the lowest one as well. This package is most accurate for the people who don’t watch much TV or just testing the packages as a new customer to the DirecTV then, you should initiate with this second lowest package with saving your hard earned money.  It only costs $40/ m, in the first year of the contract and includes everything in the same cost like:

  • You can get 160 digital and high-demand channels and free local channels.
  • Get a free HD Genie DVR with free mini receivers for max 4 rooms; you can play more TVs with Genie Minis.
  • 4000 on-demand movies and contents.
  • Also get standard local installation included in the same package price.
  • Get free premium networks for the first three months.

DirecTV Bundles

The Choice Package For NFL Sunday Ticket Fans

With the flexibility and most channel options choice package offers all digital 185 channels with the NFL Sunday ticket that is to say once you sing up with DirecTV Internet Choice Package and qualify to NFL suit of live games, and get a free NFL enjoyment for the entire season as a new customer. Moreover:

  • Free NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • Get the free premium movie networks free for the three months.
  • Free Genie DVR and HD receivers for four rooms with all include-price of $50/m. for the first year of the contract.
  • Get 6000 On-demand shows and movies.
  • Also included Standard professional installation.

DirecTV Extra

With all of the above features of the Choice and Entertainment package, it gives you 235 Digital channels and 165+ in HD is $55/m for the first year of the contract. So, in just in more $10 you can get 45 more channels with many more movies and sports networks, as compared to the choice package.

DirecTV Internet

The DirecTV Premier: The Large DTV Packages

If you want more channels and networks and want to spend more and enjoy more than the largest plan is there for you. You can access every Premium movie networks as a permanent part of the package with NFL Sunday Ticket with 35 more regional sports networks included. This plan costs $ 110 per month for the first year of the contract. This is the package for the folks who want Cable TV Internet package with no exceptions at all. you can also get 70 more top sports entertainment and movie networks.