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We’ve analyzed all nationwide providers, comparing their channel lineups, TV fees, and pricing to give you an idea of what’s out there. Not all providers will be available in your area, but you can use these recommendations to compare TV options available near you.

Best Sports Packages

Get access to the NFL Game Pass and thousands of On Demand titles with DIRECTV.

Best Bundle

Save up to $10/mo. when you bundle Xfinity TV with internet or phone services.

Best Premium Add-Ons

Enjoy premium channels like HBO Max® and SHOWTIME® with Spectrum’s Silver and Gold TV packages.

Best DVR Experience

DISH customers get dibs on the Hopper 3 Smart HD DVR, which can record up to 16 shows at once.

Best Basic Channel Count

Watch hundreds of HD channels and stream your favorite shows from anywhere with the Optimum TV to GO app.

Best Cheap TV Plans

Cox offers the cheapest basic TV plan available, with 75+ channels and options to add sports and movie packages.

Find the Best TV Providers in Your Area


Max Channel Count
Simultaneous DVR Recordings


Max Channel Count
125 – 250+
Simultaneous DVR Recordings
$49.99/mo. – $99.99/mo.


Max Channel Count
10 – 260+
Simultaneous DVR Recordings
$30.00/mo. – $89.99/mo.


Max Channel Count
Simultaneous DVR Recordings


Max Channel Count
Simultaneous DVR Recordings
Things to Consider When Shopping for TV
Channel Lineup

Most TV providers offer custom packages so you get exactly what you want. This varies from local and premium channels to Live Sports and On Demand movies. Consider what content you want to access, and narrow your options from there.

TV Fees

On top of your actual service, most TV providers charge extra fees like equipment rentals and broadcasting fees that can increase your monthly bill. So, read the fine print and be sure to compare your options before signing on the dotted line.

Consider Bundling

Bundling home services is a great way to save you money and simplify your monthly bills. These services can include internet, TV, phone, or security services. Ask your provider what bundles they offer and compare them to other options near you.



We do not provide TV service ourselves. Instead, we connect you to available cable and satellite providers near you who can get you set up.
We use your zip code to determine which TV providers are available near you. After we match you with the right providers from our database, your zip code is wiped from our search tool.
Most TV providers offer decent discounts to customers who pair two or more services together. Typically, you can see savings of up to $40 on your monthly bill when you bundle internet and TV services together.
Internet typically costs between $40 – $100 depending on the plan you select. This may include not only your service but also extra fees like an equipment rental or installation. Check with your provider and compare plans before signing up.
Cable and satellite TV differ in price, installation, and equipment. Cable TV uses coaxial cables and a cable box, while satellite TV delivers service using a satellite dish. Still, both TV connections offer access to local and nationwide channels.
Also called “Ultra-HD TV,” 4K is a picture resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, or about four times the resolution you get with regular HD TV. This translates to sharper images, however, you need a 4K TV and a TV provider that offers 4K programming to get it.
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