Viasat Internet Service

Viasat is a satellite internet provider in the United States that offers high-speed internet to remote locations across the country. Leveraging its satellite network, Viasat internet is especially popular among the most underserved, rural communities where fiber and cable won’t go. See what we mean below.

Viasat Internet: Fast Satellite Speeds

Viasat goes one step further than top competitors to provide customers with satellite internet. There are four primary internet plans ranging in speeds from 12, 25, 50, and 100 Mbps in select areas. Viasat internet plans also come with additional perks including unlimited standard data† and wide availability in rural and suburban areas.

To enhance your home services more, you can also choose add-on features like Viasat Shield Premium and Viasat Voice. Viasat Shield Premium is online security protection, which comes free with internet plans or is available separately for $8.99 per month. It offers peace of mind with cybersecurity and antivirus protection for your home network and devices. Block malicious websites, keep your personal information private, control who accesses your network, and detect and remove web viruses – automatically. Viasat Voice* is a phone service you can pair with Viasat Internet for $10 off per month on Voice for the first 6 months.

Availability, speeds, and pricing vary based on location and all plans are subject to change at any time. Offer Details.

Viasat Coverage Area

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Viasat is the second-largest satellite internet provider in the United States after Hughesnet. Spanning all 50 states, Viasat is available to an estimated 310 million people and currently serves 700,000 households nationwide. Committed to providing internet service to the unconnected and underserved areas in America, This provider is considered one of the best rural internet providers around.

Viasat Company Details

Founded in 1986, Viasat broke ground quickly in the telecommunications industry, delivering broadband services to areas of the country where cable providers simply couldn’t reach. While it originated in California, it is available worldwide thanks to its satellite network. It offers bundles and standalone services for both the internet and phone. In 2012, Viasat launched a consumer brand named Exede, yet it was quickly changed back to Viasat in 2014 in order to reduce brand confusion. Over the years, this provider has taken on a handful of acquisitions to expand its presence in the market and grow its subscriber base. It also provides online security services, keeping its customers safe and connected at all times.

Viasat Customer Support

Viasat offers customer service for all technical support issues in addition to customer inquires.


You have questions, we have answers

Viasat provides satellite internet service that is available virtually anywhere in the country. It also offers Viasat Voice and Viasat Shield Premium, which is an online security protection service.
Yes. Viasat offers unlimited data* plans that allow customers to enjoy the full benefit of their satellite internet connection.
In addition to satellite internet, Viasat offers Viasat Shield (online security tools) and Viasat Voice services.
Pricing and plans range depending on what area you live in, but typical Viasat internet plans start at just $49.99/mo. for 12 Mbps speeds on select plans in select areas. To compare current internet plans available near you, enter your zip code here.
Viasat and Starlink both offer satellite internet plans with fast speeds and no hard data caps. However, you might find it harder to get Starlink service. Starlink is only available in select regions of the US whereas Viasat is available virtually anywhere.
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