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This winter for kids to enjoy some all-time hit movies on DirecTV Bundles Cinema. In the Holiday Season, it’s not all about going out or doing parties for kids.

Bridge To Terabithia In DirecTV

Science fiction and Fantasy, Released in 2007. A for Kids and Family, this action and adventure movie is an all-time favorite. This is a story of two kids one loves to tell the stories of magic and the other love to draw. Where they draw an imaginary world of their weaknesses, strengths and alone is the King Queen to the kingdom.

DirecTV Deals


The Bad News Bears

Directed by Michael Richie The Classic Comedy released in 2002. Is a story where a hard-drinking ex-minor league agrees to coach. Bears are overly troubled and worst players but they make too far winning the league against their competitors Yankees, but could not win.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox is an animated comedy, The Fantastic kids and family movie with some action and adventure. It released in 2009 DirecTV Deals. It’s a story of Fox who breaks the promise with his wife by raiding the farms of human neighbors. Animal instinct family and other animal friends. He has endangered his marriage.

Dolphin Tale 2

A beautiful drama, kids and family movie, released in 2014 is a story of a brave Dolphin Winter, the Prosthetic tail makes her a symbol of bravery.  DirecTV Internet the stories are about the other dolphin named Hope, who becomes a new partner for winter after her mother Panama dies.