DirecTV Internet

The DirecTV Internet, Xfinity, and Cox are the biggest giants of the Internet and TV services. Comcast Xfinity is the first and Cox is second largest Cable TV Internet Providers in the country, but the DirecTV gains the second position against the Xfinity, and it also shows it is better than Cox Cable TV service. Let’s compare all of these three TV providers by availability, Equipment, and economically sound packages.


The Comcast Cable TV Internet is available almost in 40 states with 22 million customers while the DirecTV is available throughout the nation with just placing of a satellite dish. The DirecTV Bundles also follows the cable TV giant with 20 million customers.  And here comes the COX, the third larger provider, serving 6 million customers approximately. Cox also serves its customer with the facility of Phone and Internet services.

Cable TV Internet Providers


In this field, the Cox allows you to record 6 TV shows and 1000 hours of SD, and 300 hours of HD programming with the DVR 2 TB hard drive, in the recently launched contour 6 DVR package.  Using contour app and an iPad up to 8 users can record, set program, pause and view recommendation on HDTVs. The 6 DVR service costs $14.99 per DVR. And every additional set-top box costs $8.50 per month.


The DIRECTV comes with 1TB Genie DVR, Enabling you to record or store  150 hours for HD and 400 hours of SD programming. The Genie lets you record 5 shows at the same time, also with the Genie mini Client box; you can connect additional TVs to the main box. Here the DirecTV has a plus point or advantage by giving DIRECTV Standard HD DVR with 500 GB storage space.


Now let’s discuss the Xfinity, the Comcast Xfinity TV DVR comes with 500 GB hard drive to store 300 SD and 60 HD programming.  You can add additional DVRs to other TVs in your house on $17.95 for HD and on basic HD receiver $9.95/m, for each box.

Cable TV Internet

On-Demand Services

For on Demand facility, both Cox and the DIRECTV offer variety of contents. For example, the DIRECTV on Demand Library consists of over the 10,000 titles. And you can watch them without any extra charges.  The Cox also provides an endless selection of movies and the new content added every week. They also provide access to all of the premiums, and previous premium contents free of cost so, you can watch anything from the premium subscription any time.


The Xfinity on-demand TV service enables you to access your favorite content through. A Web URL xfinity.com/TV and also watch programs anywhere Via the TV Go app for your mobile and tablets.

DirecTV Internet Deals

DirecTV Packages and Contract

Both the Xfinity and the DIRECTV require a long term contract. And they have a little bit different in packages but when compared to Cox, their Cox Contour TV package give a lot more than the DirecTV Deals and does not require you to get into a long term contract as well.  The 2TB Cox DVR is enough to beat the Genie DVR and the Xfinity,s X1 Entertainment Operating System.


Since the DIRECTV has leverage on the NFL network, so their value and premier packages. Are the top tier packages they offer a lot for HD channels and more for entertainment as well.


Therefore, the DIRECTV package is more affordable than Cox and Xfinity. Also, enable you to watch on-demand contents everywhere in the home. With Genie DVR because you also want savings in the end. But does not offer streaming service as the Xfinity does.